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I hereby bestow two prestigious Golden Chalk Awards to the following:

An award goes to The Noble Network of Charter Schools in Chicago. The school system for years had charged students a $5 fee for each detention they received. Of course it was the parents who were usually hit in the pocketbook under this policy. Many parents had been complaining about the fee for some time. Once word of the policy hit the news, the school dropped the policy. Noble superintendent Michael Milkie said the school’s fee, “has attracted attention, and as a result been a distraction.”

In other words, bad publicity trumped a no-nonsense discipline policy that was working. I’m surprised it took so long for the policy to be dumped. I gave the school an award for having the nerve to even try a policy that irritated parents. Apparently the school leaders didn’t understand that in the world of modern education,  PARENTS ARE NEVER TO BE INCONVENIENCED!

The second award goes to the Florida school board member who wanted to impose a dress code on parents whenever they visited the schools. What a wonderful idea.  People have no idea the type of bizarre and often scandalous clothes worn by some parents who attended conferences, graduations and other school activities. This school board member deserves the award for a nice try. Of course the policy was voted down. The school board member also deserves an award for being extremely out of touch and very naive. Once again we need to explain to one and all, PARENTS ARE NEVER TO BE INCONVENIENCED!

Written by alkleen

April 23, 2014 at 8:06 pm

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Chicago officials were overjoyed with the reduction in violence in the city over the winter months. They were boasting about improved crime fighting tactics and new policies. Virtually everyone else in the city knew that the brutal winter was what kept the gangbangers indoors and that’s why violent crime was reduced for a couple of months.

Chicago just had its first warm weekend of the Spring.  Result – 35 people were shot, four of them fatally, in just 36 hours this weekend. What a joke. New crime fighting tactics indeed.

Please wake me when the powers that be decide it’s actually time to do something about street gangs. As long as street gangs are allowed to exist, violence will follow. We run all over the world policing this area and that. We hunt down foreign terrorists with drones and all means of military deployment. Do we really care about the terrorists in our own inner cities ? I think not.

Where I taught, everyone in the area knew who the gang members were and especially knew who the leaders were. It was common knowledge. We didn’t need any surveillance or drones or sophisticated ways of identifying the enemy. The police detectives had the same knowledge and yet gang members flourished.

What a disgrace that these people are allowed to terrorize communities and thousands of school children.

Written by alkleen

April 14, 2014 at 11:02 am

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I support Illinois House Bill 5967.  The bill proposes to change guaranteed free bus service for students that live at least one and a half miles from school. Under the bill the minimum distance would increase to two miles.

Everyone complains about the epidemic of childhood obesity and this would be a positive step to combat it. Let kids walk to school!  This would save thousands of dollars for school districts.

I’m sure many paranoid parents would be concerned that  their children would be kidnapped or assaulted while walking to school.  If that’s the case, these parents can find another way for their child to get to school. Let the parents form car pools and take turns driving the kids to school. Let the parents walk with their child to school, great exercise for the parents as well. If the parent starts work at 7 A.M., and the school doesn’t begin until 8:00, arrange with the school for the child to be dropped off early. It’s up to the parent to figure out a way to get their child to school safely.

Let’s all support House Bill 5967.  Why, when I was a kid, we trudged through huge snow drifts in bare feet and had to walk three miles to school. Look what happens in Kenya, where the kids RUN several miles to school each day. Those kids grow up to be world record marathon runners. It would be good for our kids to walk more. In fact, train our kids to RUN to and from school. That would allow them to elude potential kidnappers and gangbangers and become track stars as well.

Written by alkleen

April 8, 2014 at 10:02 am

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School boards across the Midwest have begun to take action now that a second incident of playground sabotage has taken place.  Razor blades have been found attached to playground equipment in two places in the Midwest.

The insurance companies that insure school districts and the school district lawyers have written letters to school boards warning them about possible liabilities resulting from children injured by future razor blade incidences.

Schools that have playground equipment on their property are now being advised to inspect the playground equipment each day before the children arrive on school grounds. Guess who is going to be recruited to check playground equipment at the start of each day as well as various other times during the week ?  Yes, the teachers.  Imagine that.

We can now add “playground safety checker” to the job description of a teacher. Just another job added to the growing list of teacher responsibilities that have nothing to do with instruction.

Many of you are probably thinking that checking playground equipment is unnecessary and is “giving in to the playground terrorists”. You might be thinking that such a reaction to a few isolated incidences is a form of overreacting. You need to understand this sort of “overreacting” has been going on in school districts for the past several decades. School boards live in constant fear of lawsuits and high-priced attorneys are paid to make sure school districts avoid anything that could possibly lead to a lawsuit.

I would imagine we are close to a time when all school playground equipment will be removed.  Parents might complain about the removal, but the school district can remind parents that a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the district could result in higher property taxes on their homes. That should get parents in line with the “avoid lawsuits at any cost ” mentality that has been pervasive in school districts these past few decades.

Watch for your neighborhood school district to start dismantling its playground equipment in the near future. Until that is accomplished, just let the teachers be responsible to watch for acts of terrorism on the playground. Why not add one more responsibility to the teacher’s job description? Like the “lawsuit mentality”, adding to a teacher’s responsibility has also been standard procedure for the last few decades.

Could we make this new job somewhat easier on the teachers ? Since most modern playground equipment is not made of metal, I would suggest giving a metal detector to each teacher so that the razor blades could be found more quickly. The next school institute day could be devoted to learning how to use metal detectors. This is one of the things that makes teaching so rewarding. The teacher’s job is ever evolving, and you never know what new skill you might acquire.


Written by alkleen

April 5, 2014 at 10:28 am

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Latest news – a Tennessee high school teacher has allegedly  been fired for taking a sick student to the emergency room and paying the student’s bill. The student involved  allegedly said that she was 7 months pregnant and the trip to the emergency room saved her baby. Many students and parents are fighting to get the teacher’s job back.

Didn’t this teacher get the memo ?  Teachers, the days where you get involved in the lives of your students are OVER!  Stop trying to do anything for your students unless it has to do with instruction and boosting the student’s test scores.

Stop being the student’s parent, guidance counselor, mentor, trusted confidant, and or personal savior.  THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! Your job is now like a business, student performance is all that matters and your job depends on that performance. If you want a personal connection  and feel the need to care about children or young adults, FIND ANOTHER JOB !

Teachers, the powers that be have decided your job is about test scores and that’s all ! Now get with the program ! You must view your students as little test taking objects and not as living, breathing human beings. The sooner your realize this the sooner you will be successful in the new teacher dynamic.

The next time one of your students could benefit from your intervention in their personal life, close your eyes, ignore the situation and visualize the student as a little test taking machine. Now keep that vision in your mind and get back to instruction. You don’t have time for any of this other nonsense!

Written by alkleen

April 1, 2014 at 9:16 am

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Many of you will remember the special award I gave last year to the teacher who coined the phrase, “spring spheres” when describing Easter eggs to her students.  I never thought I would find a phrase that could possibly be more ridiculous than the politically, religiously, and denominationally correct phrase, “spring spheres.”

Leave it to actress Gwyneth Paltrow to find a phrase that is so bizarre it officially replaces “spring spheres” as the all time silliest phrase in the history of human kind. Paltrow described the breakup of her marriage to her husband as a, “conscious uncoupling.”

Congratulations Gwyneth, you just won the “New Agey, Gobbledegooky, Bizarre Jargon Award.”

I suppose we can at least all be thankful that Gwyneth and husband didn’t decide to divorce in an “UNconscious uncoupling” way. It’s better to think about your impending divorce as opposed to not even thinking about it.

This latest New Agey phrase reminds me once again of why I am in love with Judge Judy.  Judge Judy is one of the few human beings left that still uses words without regard to who might be offended by them.  A lazy person is described as lazy, as opposed to “motivationally limited”.  An obnoxious person is described as, obnoxious, not as “lacking in pleasantries”.

Thank you, Judge Judy, for being the only human left with the nerve to speak in a non politically correct manner. I’m amazed that the television network hasn’t seen fit to “uncouple her from her work environment”.

Written by alkleen

March 29, 2014 at 9:23 am

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The U.S Department of Education has issued a report showing that minority students still, “face inequities.”  Among other statistics, the report showed that, “black students of any age, even the youngest preschoolers, are more likely to be suspended.”

I suppose the above statement on suspensions of black students is inferring that racism is the cause of a higher number of suspensions among black students. Racism may very well be a factor, but that racism isn’t coming from the schools and the teachers.

Almost all teachers treat children as INDIVIDUALS.  They don’t judge students by race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else. Teachers make sure discipline policies are fair and are administered in an equal manner towards all students. Most students are capable of following rules and regulations. If suspension rules are reasonable and are administered fairly, there shouldn’t be a problem.

There are dozens of reasons why black students might have higher suspension rates and more than a few books and reports have been written as to why that might be. I refuse to believe that the teachers are the root cause of more suspensions among black students. I firmly believe that the majority of suspended students received a suspension because of serious misbehavior. It had nothing to do with their race.

There is a very simple reason as to why a student gets suspended. The student must have had a very serious incident of misbehavior. It’s that simple. Stop trying to make it a racial matter.

Written by alkleen

March 24, 2014 at 11:59 am

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