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Advocates of freedom are up in arms because a Georgia woman was arrested, (for a brief time), because her son had double the amount of unexcused absences from school.

I say, “YIPPEE” ! It’s about time we crack down on incompetent parents.

Why should incompetent parents have the freedom to ruin their children’s lives ?

Why should incompetent parents have the freedom to burden society with the children they have ruined ?

In my Gestapo world, people would need a license to have children. You want to have children ?  Then sign the forms that promise you will obey 100 good rules of parenting. You want to ruin your children’s future ?  Then be prepared to face the consequences.

I know, this is America, not Nazi Germany. We have wonderful freedoms that people fought and died for, (happy Memorial Day),

Unfortunately, one of those freedoms is the right to be an incompetent parent. I get it.

Sorry, I just had a momentary bit of un-Americanism.  It won’t happen again. Unless some school district fines parents for every misbehavior incident that their child is involved in.  Just kidding !

Written by alkleen

May 23, 2015 at 12:34 pm

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I realize our local community libraries are becoming somewhat obsolete in the computer age, but I believe the trimming of library hours reflects a big societal change.

My local library just shortened its hours of operation. The library is only open from 10 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. Not much time for a leisurely stroll through the library after dinner on a weeknight.

We need to stop blaming teachers if our children don’t carry a “love of learning” into their adult life. Are we developing our children to be “life long learners” ?  Not a chance.

A real love of learning has taken a back seat to all the other distractions our society offers.

Teachers are not miracle workers. Don’t expect our children to grow up to be “life long learners” when society doesn’t truly value education.

Try to find a high school student in a library on a Friday night. We know what those kids are doing, and it’s not reading a good book or doing research. If you want to find students doing that, take a flight over to S. Korea, Japan, or Hong Kong.

Try finding a local library that’s open on a Friday night. Mine closes at 6:00 p.m.

Teachers can only do so much to instill a love of learning in our children

I’m not being critical of our society. We rank 28th in the world in education and that’s about right where we deserve to be. We have our societal values and education isn’t at the top. As people are fond of saying, “it is what it is”.

Stop blaming teachers for our low world ranking. If you want us to have a higher ranking, do something to change our overall values. Teachers can only do so much.

Written by alkleen

May 19, 2015 at 11:08 am

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WOW!  Did you retired teachers realize you are taking thousands of dollars away from Title 1 funds ?  My local newspaper has the bold headline, “On the Backs of Our Kids.”  That’s right, you selfish retired teachers!  Many Illinois school districts take Title 1 money and use it to pay for their unfunded pension liability.

Oh, the humanity. I feel so guilty now, I think I will return most of my monthly pension to the schools.

The news article ran for several pages  There was an extensive chart showing, “How Title 1 Money for Poor Children Becomes State Revenue to Pay Off Pension Debt.”

This is really a new low in the attempt by the conservative news media to prepare the way for Illinois voters to approve what will be an upcoming Constitutional amendment doing away with the pension protection clause.

I’m so angry I don’t know what to do. The newspaper makes the bold inference that retired teachers are stealing from the poor school children of Illinois. Wow!  How low will these teacher bashing, union smashing, forces go ?  They will stop at nothing until they see teachers’ pensions done away with and teacher unions abolished.

Wow! Shame on you, Rockford Register Star, you just exceeded all previous lows in the battle to convince Illinois voters that teachers and retired teachers are the source of all that troubles Illinois.

Written by alkleen

May 17, 2015 at 11:27 am

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A reader recently compared me to N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un because I was promoting the merits of the old authoritarian teaching style.

Recently, Kim Jong Un had his defense minister executed by anti-aircraft gun for among other crimes, falling asleep at a Kim-led meeting.

This is a ridiculous comparison. I never had any of my students gunned down for falling asleep. In fact, I can’t ever recall a student falling asleep in my classroom. If a student had fallen asleep I would indeed have been very angry, but an anti-aircraft gun ?  No way. Maybe a ——, well, never mind.

No wonder N.Korea is so impoverished. An anti-aircraft gun ?  One bullet would have saved a lot of money.

Recently one of our elderly Supreme Court justices was caught on camera falling asleep at Obama’s “State of the Union Speech.”  The Justice later admitted to drinking some wine before the speech. Everyone had a good laugh about it, and the justice evaded any anti-aircraft treatment. This is a perfect example of why the U.S. is morally superior to N. Korea, in case you needed any proof.

Stop equating authoritarian teachers with overbearing ogres. We seldom got angry at student behavior, unless of course a student wasn’t paying attention, or worse yet, had fallen asleep. At least we didn’t use bribery, behavior contracts and ridiculous motivational theatrics to keep our students interested.

I was not like Kim Jong Un, and I resent the comparison. Maybe Joseph Stalin, but Kim Jong Un ?  No way!

Written by alkleen

May 15, 2015 at 11:18 am

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Hot off the presses !   The list of nations and where they stand in student achievement.

The top nations are from Asia. (Singapore, S. Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.).

Are you surprised ? Of course not.

The parents in these countries don’t just say they value education, they actually do.

The parents push their kids to achieve in school in an almost obsessive manner.

The schools have very strict discipline.

The teachers are given the utmost respect and these nations invest in their teachers.

The schools rarely care about the student’s individual expression, the students are taught as a group and all are expected to follow the norms.

Hmm, sounds like what our schools and parents were like when I attended school back in the dark ages. You know, when our schools had strict discipline, parents actually were  involved and supporting teachers, teachers given utmost respect, students taught as a group, teachers were authoritarian, and we had all the things that the experts later made sure we did away with over the years.

That’s okay, you Asian countries trail us when it comes to what really matters. You can’t come close to us when it comes to handing out fake self-esteem, making sure all are students are always happy, allowing self-expression, letting students discipline themselves, WE HAVE FREEDOM IN OUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS !  Our students have rights and privileges that you could only dream of. We cater to the individual, not the group.

Asia, you might out achieve us, but you will never top us when it comes to our students’ happiness. Isn’t that all that really matters ?  Or not ?

Written by alkleen

May 14, 2015 at 1:23 pm

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New government data released this month shows which industries’ employees drink the most, which do the most drugs, and where employees are most likely not just to use drugs, but abuse them.

As you would expect, schoolteachers are among the least likely to be significant drinkers or drug users: 5 percent of educators drink heavily, and a similar proportion report regular drug use.

I must say, that 5 percent seems a bit low, (at least when I think about the schools I taught at), (YES, YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU WERE)!

Seriously, just another example of how teachers live up to the high standards people place on them on a daily basis.


Written by alkleen

May 8, 2015 at 1:20 pm

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Interesting stat – the average worker in this country hasn’t had a raise in wages in 45 years when you adjust for inflation.

Here in Illinois, worker compensation laws, unions, pensions, teachers, and workers in general are blamed for the state’s financial mess.

The Chicago Board of Education is now asking teachers to take a 7% pay cut along with benefit reductions and increased class size.

Governor Rauner wants to abolish unions, lower worker’s comp, and end pensions as we know them.

Please tell everyone to read Eric Zorn’s column in today’s Chicago Tribune’s Perspective section. It’s about the billionaire governor of Minnesota and how he turned the state around and became the envy of every other Midwestern state. What was the main ingredient of the success ?  Increased taxes on the wealthy.  Imagine that.

Here in Illinois, the governor wants to turn the state around by attacking the working man. Yes, the average person in Illinois might need to make some sacrifices. but what about the ultra rich ? No, not even a mention of their sharing in the sacrifice.

Written by alkleen

May 6, 2015 at 10:12 am

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