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I’m back from vacation, refreshed, and ready to continue my quest for the Republican presidential nomination.

After much reflection, I now realize why Donald Trump is so popular, and I must copy his tactics.  Donald Trump wants to be the Vladimir Putin of America.

Vladimir Putin is destroying Russia and yet his popularity with the Russian people is soaring. Why is that ?  Putin boldly claims that he wants to restore Russia to greatness. (See his actions in the Crimea and in the Ukraine).  He openly supports ethnic Russians at the expense of all other minority groups in Russia and what once was the Soviet Union.  He’s brash, boastful, obnoxious and always exhibits strength and confidence. The Russian people have always flocked to Putin type leaders, no matter how much those leaders ruined the country. (See various popular Czars, dictators, and despots in Russian history)

After 7 years of Barack Obama, (a mild-mannered intellectual), the country is ready for a boastful, obnoxious, and abrasive personality in the White House. It’s time for the most tactless, anti politically correct candidate that we can find.

I now know the road I must follow if I am to secure the Republican nomination. You want abrasive and obnoxious ?  Watch for my future posts, I’ll give you abrasive!   Stay tuned.

Written by alkleen

August 28, 2015 at 10:25 am

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Has anyone noticed the recent decline in “incompetent teacher stories” in the news ?   Are all the incompetent teachers gone ? Don’t some incompetent teachers still commit ridiculous news worthy blunders ?

Of course they do.  However, the news media have moved on to a new favorite whipping group.  You guessed it, over the last few years the police have overtaken teachers as the target of the news media.

Perhaps that recent trend will change now that the news media might see what their “police bashing ” has done to the morale of the nation’s police.

It was only a matter of time before a policeman was injured because he or she hesitated to do their job properly out of fear of being condemned by the news media in the court of public opinion. Now we have a major story of just such an incident.

Hang in there, police men and women.  This too shall pass.  Tough it out until the news media declares war on some other public servants. These trends last for about three years.

I wonder what group will be next to incur the wrath of the media?  Prepare yourself, firemen.  Why, just the other day I heard of a paramedic truck taking a wrong turn.  I wonder how often that happens ?

Isn’t it time the media start looking into the competency of firemen ?  I’m sure they can find some juicy stories about incompetent firemen. What about all the time firemen sit around and do nothing at the firehouse ?  I’ll bet those firemen pensions are also a drain on the community.

Let’s see, after the firemen, who might be next ?   Ah, yes, have you ever had a nurse put a catheter in wrong ?  Yikes, now there’s a news worthy story!

Written by alkleen

August 16, 2015 at 9:21 am

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There seems to be an ongoing battle among Illinois governor Bruce  Rauner’s detractors as to what group of people Rauner dislikes most. Some opposed to Rauner seem to think that he is least likely to support middle class and lower-middle class people. Rauner is accused of disliking unions, public sector workers, and most lower end service workers since he does not favor an immediate increase in the minimum wage.

Other Rauner detractors believe he is more opposed to the poor than any other group of people.

Illinois representative Carol Ammons is among those Rauner detractors who believe he doesn’t want to do anything for the poor. Recently she was quoted as saying, “He doesn’t like anything that is for poor people. That has been made very clear.”

Could all the Bruce Rauner detractors please stop this ridiculous arguing? Can’t we all just get along ?  We all have the same enemy, so let’s unite around the one thing we know for sure. Can we at least agree on who Rauner does support ?  Here’s a hint, it’s not the poor, not the lower-middle class, not the middle class, and not the average working man and woman.

Yes, you are correct, I knew you would figure it out. Now, let’s all unite and get out the message about what group of people Rauner  does support at the expense of all other groups.

Written by alkleen

August 12, 2015 at 1:38 pm

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Another Chicago Tribune editorial, and once again, another outrage about public sector pensions.

Here’s part of the latest, “One way to lower overhead would be to rein in public sector retirement benefits that hugely exceed what most people in the private sector receive.”

Ah, yes, “hugely exceed.”  Nice phrase, Tribune, nice try.

Yes, a teacher’s retirement is usually better than your average private sector worker. The majority of private sector workers these days are in service industries. These service industry workers unfortunately are not unionized and often earn below or near the minimum wage and have very limited 401k pensions.  I wish service industry workers did have better pensions. They work hard and deserve one.

If the Tribune would care to compare teacher pensions with the pensions of those who are in MANAGEMENT POSITIONS in the private sector, I think the Tribune would have to say that those private sector workers have a much higher pension income.

I know that an assistant manager at a Wal-Mart would have a much larger sum of money at retirement than I did.  From what I have read, assistant managers at Wal-Mart can contribute 6% of their salary to a 401k and Wal-Mart will match the 6%. Wal-Mart will also match a certain amount of employee stock purchases in the company. If an employee kept up the contributions and the stock purchases, at the end of 30 years they would have a sum of money I could only dream about. They wouldn’t need a monthly pension even if they lived to be 200.

Stop comparing teachers to the average private sector worker. Instead, compare teachers to private sector workers who are fortunate to belong to a union, or who are in management positions.

I would urge the Tribune to do a little research.  Let’s also throw in the pension plans of corporate CEOs.  Are those multimillion dollar plans being included in the private sector average ?  Of course not, we know the Tribune believes that those people are to be exulted above all others and they can’t be considered, “workers”. I’m sure the Tribune would also be outraged that I would even compare a CEO with a lowly teacher. I’m sure in the Tribune’s eyes, not even a thousand teachers could equal the value to society as a CEO of a corporation.

I’m sure the Tribune loved Ronald Reagan and especially when he destroyed the air traffic controllers union. So, Tribune, I must borrow a phrase that won Reagan a presidential debate. Whenever he disagreed with his opponent’s presentation of facts, Reagan would answer with, “there you go again.”  Meaning, once again you are distorting the facts.

So, Tribune, as your union busting idol would have said, “Tribune, there you go again.”

Written by alkleen

August 6, 2015 at 5:50 pm

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I found an excellent book that explains how the American people allowed corporate America to have their way with the middle and lower classes.

The book is entitled, “The Age of Acquiescence, the Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power,” written by Steve Fraser.

We are virtually in a second Gilded Age.  If you never learned about what America was like during the first Gilded Age, perhaps that’s part of the reason we are now in another one.

The following is an excerpt from the cover description of the book.  “Fraser shows how, during what is now our second Gilded Age, plutocrats morphed into everyman heroes in pinstripes, working people lost the muscle and imagination to confront a system run by and for “the 1%”, and Tea Party zealots captured the fervor of old-style populism but deployed it on behalf of  – rather than in opposition to – corporate domination of the economy.”

I knew we were in trouble years ago when I saw large numbers of teachers actually be convinced by corporate America that teacher unions were responsible for holding back the academic progress of America’s children. If teachers were bamboozled into thinking their unions were evil, what hope was there for the remainder of unionized America ?

Only about 6% of the American workforce is unionized, and if corporate America could destroy the teacher unions, they will have virtually completed the destruction and demonization of unions.

When adjusted for inflation, wages haven’t risen in decades.  Modern corporations frequently ignore laws meant to protect worker rights, and the government looks the other way. The middle class is virtually destroyed, and yet people sit idly by and accept it.

Every working man and woman needs to read this book.  Maybe they will be inspired to do something about the triumph of “the 1%”. I also suggest all working people read accounts of what life was like during the first Gilded Age. People would have to see the similarities between then and now.

Written by alkleen

August 3, 2015 at 7:25 pm

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When Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker makes a public appearance, usually the first words out of his mouth are “I took on the unions and I won.”

Clearly he feels that victory is perhaps his signature achievement.

What he should add to that boast is, “I took on the middle class and put them in their place.”

Isn’t it pathetic that a candidate for president would boast about hurting middle class workers  ?

Is that really something to be proud of ?   Apparently, for Scott Walker it is.  How sad.

Written by alkleen

July 28, 2015 at 7:14 pm

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Once again, two teachers are being praised as heroes after the latest movie theater shooting.

What these two teachers did is just one of the many things teachers are trained to do – how to react in a crisis.

I’m sure when parents of school age children see these kinds of reports they are comforted to know that their child’s teacher is probably the type of person who will do most anything to protect their students and people in general.

There’s so much more than test scores that determine a good teacher. Maybe some day the “teacher bashing people” will start to realize that.  We can hope.

Written by alkleen

July 24, 2015 at 6:36 pm

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