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A Golden Chalk Award goes to the Chicago Principals and Administration Association.  The head of the Association said that the members don’t support merit pay and any efforts to reward administrators with bonuses for student achievement.

People in the education profession are not motivated by money. Why can’t “reform minded” educators understand this ? These reformers must be the kind of people who go to a restaurant and tell the waitress, “if you give my friends and me extra attention, there will be a larger tip for you than you usually see.”  Money is the solution to every problem for these people.  Do they think doctors will give them better service if they offer them a bonus?  “Hey doc, can you get my broken arm healed in three weeks instead of six? There’s an extra $50 in it for you if you can make it happen”.  That’s how silly this whole idea of merit pay is.

Written by alkleen

November 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm

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