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Oh no!  Not another useless university study. We must convince Congress to pass the “Useless University Research Bill”.  This bill would ban all university research that is deemed useless because the result is so obvious.

Now comes a study from the University of California at Berkeley, that tells us that rich people are less generous and more likely to be unethical when it comes to money than most other people.

Stop these ridiculous studies now!  No more university money spent on any of this nonsense! From now on all research must involve incredibly important subjects like curing cancer or feeding the world population.

A university must also avoid studying any subject that the university itself might have the slightest bias about. Berkeley doing a study that reflects badly on rich people is like Harvard doing a study that says Massachusetts is the best state in the United States.

Interesting how Berkeley just happened to finish this study now that the class warfare in America is reaching a fever pitch. I’m sure the “99%” can be happy with the results of this study, but surely they can see the possibility of bias in this study.

Write your congressmen now and demand he or she pass the “Useless University Research Bill”. Do this quickly before we have a study that shows poor people have less money than others!

Written by alkleen

March 2, 2012 at 9:11 pm

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